Lensbaby OMNI Flare Expansion Pack


Available on backorder

  • For OMNI Creative Filter System
  • Produces Creative Reflections and Flare
  • Anamorphic Raindrop Effect Wand
  • Prism Flare Effect Wand


Available on backorder

Complement the Lensbaby OMNI Creative Filter System with this OMNI Flare Expansion Pack. Containing four additional glass Effect Wands, this pack offers even more unique, colorful, and ethereal effects to add to your collection.

Lensbaby OMNI Flare Expansion Pack 6 Lensbaby OMNI Flare Expansion Pack 7

Effect Wands

  • The Anamorphic Raindrop features a “raindrop” at the end of the wand to achieve selective distortion while the body of the wand creates cinematic-looking, flare-rich highlights.
  • The Prism Flare produces a prism effect to stretched specular highlights, splitting them into tiny bits of rainbow that shift in size, intensity, and placement when the wand is rotated.
  • The Zig-Zag wand makes explosions of light along with variable effects ranging from subtle to over-the-top depending on the rotation and placement of the natural curves of the wand.
  • The Saber can be used to “brush” the highlights into Impressionist-like reflections while also varying the length of streaky flares depending on the rotation of the wand.
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