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H&Y K-Series 100x150mm (KR12) Reverse GND 1.2 Filter (4 Stops) w/ Magnetic Frame


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  • For 100mm K-Series Filter Holder
  • Reduce Exposure for Sunrises or Sunsets
  • Up to 16x Filter Factor, 4 Stops
  • Increases to Maximum Density at Center

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In stock

100 x 150mm K-Series Reverse-Graduated Neutral Density 1.2 Filter

  • Effectively darkens bright skies, specifically during a sunrise or sunset, while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image
  • 4-stop band of density that tapers to approximately a 2-stop density at the edge above it, while directly above a clear area
  • Creates a neutral density pattern that matches the positioning of the sun when it is at, or immediately above the horizon
  • Density pattern corresponds to the brightness pattern of the sun when it appears at or is closer to the horizon as opposed to a higher angle, which creates an increase in brightness that is more prominent on both sides of the sun than above it
  • Soft-edged line of transition between the 4-stop band of density and the clear area below it is useful for images that do not have a strongly defined transition between the sky and the foreground
  • 4-stop to approximately a 2-stop gradation is applicable to multiple regions of brightness within the sky
  • Filter does not affect the overall coloration of the image
  • Each glass surface includes eight layers of anti-reflection coatings to prevent internal ghosting and reflections as well as an anti-smear, nano coating for an improved beading effect when in contact with water or oil for greater cleaning efficiency
  • Constructed from Gorilla glass for enhanced scratch-resistance
  • Filter pouch for storage and transport and a microfiber cleaning cloth for filter maintenance

H&Y Filters 100 x 150mm Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame

  • Pre-installed along the edges of the included 100 x 150mm reverse-graduated neutral density filter for use within an H&Y Filters 100mm K-Series Filter Holder that is configured with a pair of magnetic filter slots
  • Allows 100 x 150mm reverse-graduated neutral density filter to be magnetically stacked in front of a camera lens along with other filters that have a Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame installed, instead of inserted only within one of a specific number of filter holder slots
  • Helps allow the user to determine the number of filters to be applied when using a 100mm K-Series Filter Holder, all of which can be quickly installed, repositioned, or switched with a different filter needed for other subjects or changing lighting conditions
  • Reinforces the edges of the 100 x 150mm reverse-graduated neutral density filter, enhancing that filter’s rigidity and promoting sharp results by helping to ensure that the filter remains flat
  • Front-facing center finder rulers on side sections of this Quick Release Magnetic Filter Frame help enable precise positioning of the 100 x 150mm reverse-graduated neutral density filter relative to another filter it is stacked on, further complementing the use of the 100 x 150mm reverse-graduated neutral density filter whose effect can be adjusted to better suit changing lighting conditions or creative demands by moving it up or down

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