YC Onion Lasagna Teleprompter

YC Onion

Available on backorder

  • Camera & Smartphone Shooting 
  • Compatible with Telephones & Tablet 
  • Supports Ultra Wide-Angle Lens 
  • Foldable Design & Easy Assembly The teleprompter for DSLR 
  • Remote Control Download free APP from App Store or Google Play 


Available on backorder

อุปกรณ์ที่จะมาทำให้ Reviwer และ Blonger ไม่ต้องท่องจำสคริปอีกต่อไป

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  • Camera & Smartphone ShootingThe video teleprompter supports camera shooting with complimentary lens adapter rings. Besides, it is compatible with smartphone shooting (the lens needs to be adjusted). The telephone can be placed vertically or horizontally.
  • Compatible with Telephones & Tablet This teleprompter with remote control is compatible with telephones and tablets up to 10 inches for displaying words. The teleprompter adopts premium beam splitter glass, ensuring a clearer reflection display.
  • Supports Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Compared with other products on the market, our portable teleprompter supports full-frame ultra-wide-angle 24mm focal length, which can guarantee the shooting effect.
  • Foldable Design & Easy Assembly The teleprompter for DSLR camera adopts folding design. The glass can fold up for easier storage. With quick release plate, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble the teleprompter.
  • Remote Control Download free APP from App Store or Google Play to display the script with remote control. The remote control is equipped with switch button, slow playback button, accelerated playback button, font enlargement button, font reduction button, play/pause button.

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