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FUJIFILM GFX 100S Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Body Only (ประกันศูนย์)


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  • เซนเซอร์ Medium Format ความละเอียด 102MP แบบ Bayer
  • เทคโนโลยีเซนเซอร์แบบ backside illuminated
  • มีกันสั่น 5 แกน IBIS
  • จอแบบพลิกได้ 3 ทิศทาง
  • ขนาดเล็กกว่า Fujifilm GFX50S

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Out of stock

Fujifilm GFX 100S กล้องมีเดียมฟอร์แมต 102 ล้านพิกเซล รุ่นใหม่ ในชื่อ GFX 100S ในขนาดตัวที่เล็กลงกว่าเดิมถึง 30% มีน้ำหนักเพียง 900 กรัม ให้คุณภาพระดับมีเดียมฟอร์แมตในขนาดใกล้เคียงกับกล้องฟูลเฟรม เซนเซอร์ medium-format 102MP BSI CMOS 44 x 33mm ตัวเดียวกับ GFX 100 ชุดกันสั่น 5 แกน ชดเชยสปีตชัตเตอร์ได้สูงสุด 6 stop ช่องมองภาพ OLED EVF 3.68 ล้านจุด อัตราขยาย 0.97x ใช้แบตเตอรี NP-W235 แบบเดียวกับ X-T4 ถ่ายได้ 460 ภาพต่อการชาร์จ 1 ครั้ง โฟกัสไว 0.18 วินาที โฟกัสในที่แสงน้อยได้ถึง -5.5EV แค่มีเพียงแสงดาวก็โฟกัสได้

FUJIFILM GFX 100S Medium Format Mirrorless Camera FUJIFILM GFX 100S Medium Format Mirrorless Camera

GFX 100S ใช้ช่องใส่ SD card USH-II คู่ ถ่ายภาพต่อเนื่องสูงสุด 5fps จอหลังกล้องพับได้สามทิศทาง ขนาด 3.2 นิ้ว แบบสัมผัส ความละเอียด 2.36 ล้านจุด

  • เซนเซอร์ Medium format (44 x 33 mm) 102MP แบบ BSI-CMOS
  • หน่วยประมวลผล X-Processor 4
  • ISO 100-12800 (ขยายได้ที่ 50-102400)
  • กันสั่น 5 แกน ชดเชยสปีดชัตเตอร์ 6 stop
  • จุดโฟกัส 425 จุด
  • 4K/30fps, Full HD/60fps
  • เมาท์ G
  • EVF 3.68 ล้านจุด อัตราขยาย 0.97x
  • LCD พับได้สามทิศทาง 3.2 นิ้ว แบบสัมผัส ความละเอียด 2.36 ล้านจุด
  • สปีดชัตเตอร์สูงสุด 1/4000 (1/16000 electronic)
  • flash sync 1/125
  • ถ่ายภาพต่อเนื่อง 5fps
  • พอร์ตเชื่อมต่อ USB Type-C 3.2 Gen1, Micro HDMI, ไมค์หูฟัง, Remote
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • แบตเตอรี NP-W235
  • วัสดุทำจาก Magnesium Alloy พร้อมซีลกันละอองน้ำละอองฝุ่น
  • น้ำหนัก 900 กรัม (รวมการ์ด และแบตเตอรี)

อ่าน สรุปสเปค กล้อง fujifilm GFX100S

อ่าน แนะนำ Fujifilm GFX 100S กล้อง Medium Format

เปรียบเทียบขนาด GFX100S กับ GFX 50S

อ่านรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม www.dpreview.com

More than Full Frame

GFX100s pairs a back-illuminated 102MP imaging sensor with our blazingly fast X Processor 4 processing engine to create a combination capable of outputting 16-bit images with amazing color fidelity, rich shadow detail, and incredible dynamic range. Its back-illuminated structure enhances image quality by bringing the exposure plane closer to the color filter array. This minimizes noise levels from that typically experienced with mirrorless cameras and extends the native ISO to ISO 100. Sharpness is also enhanced, while moire and false colors are near eliminated through the omission of an optical low-pass filter. Lastly, the inclusion of a motion sensor retention mechanism suppresses even the slightest vibrations that may be caused by camera shake or the even the movement of the shutter.

Redefining medium format, the FUJIFILM GFX 100S pairs an ultra high-resolution 102MP sensor with an impressively compact and portable mirrorless camera body design. Appealing to both photo and video needs, too, this camera is further rounded out by a durable construction, in-body image stabilization, and apt autofocus to make the camera more accessible and applicable for a variety of shooting needs.

At the heart of the GFX 100S platform is the 102MP 44 x 33mm BSI CMOS sensor, which offers the ultra-high resolution coveted by stills photographers as well impressive 4K video recording options, too. The sensor pairs with the X-Processor 4 in order to output 16-bit raw imagery with a broad dynamic range, low noise levels, and sensitivity to a ISO 12800, and the BSI design of the sensor contributes to high clarity and accurate color rendering when working in a variety of lighting conditions. In terms of video, DCI and UHD 4K video recording is possible at 4:2:0 10-bit internally, 4:2:2 10-bit via HDMI, or raw 12-bit if recording externally, and an F-log gamma setting can also be used for more advanced color grading during post-production. Beyond high-resolution shooting, the unique sensor design also incorporates a sophisticated hybrid AF system that features 425 selectable phase-detection points, which cover nearly the entire frame, and aid with precise face and eye-detection modes.

Balancing the awesome sensor design is a notably compact form factor, which opens up a range of new working scenarios for this high-res platform. Sleek and lightweight, the portability of the GFX 100S is backed up by capable in-body image stabilization that compensates for up to 6 stops of camera shake for improved handheld shooting. Conversely, this stabilization system also enables making 400MP files using Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode for extreme detail of still subjects. Also contributing to the sleek form factor is a fixed 3.69m-dot EVF for bright eye-level viewing and a rear 3.2″ touchscreen LCD with a three-way tilting design.

102MP BSI CMOS Sensor and X-Processor 4

Utilizing a large and exceedingly high 102MP resolution 43.8 x 32.9mm BSI CMOS sensor and X-Processor 4, the GFX 100S is capable of delivering 16-bit stills with wide dynamic range as well as a broad sensitivity range of ISO 100-12800, which can be extended to ISO 50-102400. The large size of each pixel allows for more efficient light gathering, too, for smoother tonal and color transitions to produce a characteristic three-dimensional “medium format look.” Also contributing to several medium format looks, a variety of traditional medium and large format aspect ratios can be used in addition to the standard 4:3, including 1:1, 65:24, 5:4, 7:6, 3:2, and 16:9.

The image processor and sensor also lend a versatile edge to the system, and permit shooting continuously up to 5 fps or for recording DCI and UHD 4K30 video.

UHD and DCI 4K Video Recording

Utilizing the large sensor size for more than just stills, the GFX 100S also offers an enticing array of video capabilities, including internal UHD and DCI 4K30p video recording at up 4:2:0 10-bit, as well as 4K30p 4:2:2 10-bit via HDMI output, both at up to 400 Mb/s-and simultaneous external and internal recording is possible. If working with an Atomos Ninja V, then UHD 4K30p raw 12-bit output is also possible using the Apple ProRes RAW format.

Greatly benefitting overall video performance, the speed of the quad-CPU X-Processor 4 enables fast read speeds when recording 4K video, which helps to reduce rolling shutter distortion when filming moving subjects.

In addition to the supported 10-bit color depth, the GFX 100 also includes the F-Log gamma setting, which provides a flat picture for use in advanced color grading software during editing. This maximizes the potential dynamic range in difficult scenes and image adjustments can be made, as well, to highlight tone, shadow tone, color, and sharpness. HLG recording is supported, too, for HDR applications, and F-Log, HLG, and Film Simulations can all be used simultaneously with raw external output.

Also, the camera features a 3.5mm microphone jack and 3.5mm headphone jack for more advanced audio solutions.


Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization

Built-in 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake to better suit handheld shooting. This system works in conjunction with any lens, including non-stabilized ones, but when used with OIS-enabled lenses offers up to approximately 6 stops of shake reduction.

Fujifilm GFX100s Body Design

  •  Updated body shape is noticeably more compact and lightweight than previous GFX 100 models, making it especially well-suited for handheld shooting on location and in studio environments.
  •  Magnesium alloy body construction is both lightweight and durable, and the camera system is weather sealed to render it moisture- and dust-resistant, as well as freezeproof down to 14°F, for use in inclement conditions.
  •  Fixed 3.69m-dot OLED electronic viewfinder is featured for high-resolution, 0.77x-magnification eye-level viewing.
  •  A 3.2″ 2.36m-dot touchscreen LCD is also available for image playback, menu navigation, and live view shooting. This LCD features a unique three-way tilting design that moves both upward and downward for shooting from high and low angles, and also tilts to the side to benefit shooting in the vertical orientation when in live view.
  •  Single NP-W235 rechargeable lithium-ion battery is rated to provide approximately 460 shots per charge.
  •  Dual UHS-II SD memory card slots are featured, and permit saving imagery in a sequential manner, backup/duplicate manner, or in a sorted manner to segregate JPEG and raw files.
  •  The FUJIFILM G lens mount features a short focal flange distance of just 26.7mm to better facilitate adapting lenses and to allow for reduced back focusing distances to better prevent vignetting and promote edge-to-edge sharpness with the GF series of lenses.
  •  A 1.8″ sub LCD monitor on the top plate can be used to quickly view shooting settings and exposure data.
  •  Exposure mode dial on the top plate also incorporates six custom positions for quickly switching between pre-configured exposure settings.
  •  Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 low energy and Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly share images to a mobile device or use the device to remotely control the camera.


Hybrid Autofocus System

The sensor’s design also includes an expanded phase-detection autofocus system, which has 425 selectable points that cover nearly the entire sensor area. This AF system delivers fast and accurate focusing performance along with low-light sensitivity down to -5.5 EV. Complementing the imaging and focusing capabilities, an updated X-Processor 4 is also featured, and delivers fast focus response for subject tracking and also supports Face- and Eye-Detection AF when working in AF-C mode and when recording video.

Other Camera Features

  •  Film Simulation modes allow you to reproduce the look and feel of several of FUJIFILM’s film types, including the newly introduced Nostalgic Neg. effect, along with Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Classic Neg., Pro Neg. Hi, Pro Neg. Standard, Eterna, Eterna Bleach Bypass, Acros, Monochrome, and Sepia. Additionally, Grain Effect can be adjusted as well as Classic Chrome effect to fine-tune the look of imagery.
  •  Pixel-Shift Multi-Shot mode is capable of producing massive, 400MP images by combining 16 raw images using FUJIFILM’s Pixel Shift Combiner software, which can then be output as a DNG file for further processing using most popular editing software.
  •  Interval shooting is possible for up to 999 consecutive frames with a 1 sec to 24-hour delay between exposures, as well as up to a 24-hour shutter delay.
  •  Multiple Exposure mode lets you shoot two consecutive overlaid frames, and the first frame will be shown on the rear LCD to aid in alignment for the second exposure.
  •  A variety of file formats are available depending on your workflow needs and include uncompressed and compressed raw file types; Super Fine, Fine, and Normal JPEG settings; and TIFF files can be output via in-camera raw file development.

อ่าน ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม กล้อง Fujifilm GFX 100S คลิก

In The Box

  • FUJIFILM GFX 100S Medium Format Mirrorless Camera (Body Only)
  • AC-5VJ AC Power Adapter
  • Plug Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Hot Shoe Cover
  • Cable Protector

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